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emotional dysregulation
focus/ attention
hopelessness/ sadness
over-arousal fear

peak performance
promotes healthy sleep
sports performance
stress/ feeling anxious
symptoms of head injury

What is Neurofeedback

Your brain is your command center. It controls everything in your body; your emotions, attention, logic, hormones and so much more. If you struggle mentally, emotionally, or physically your brain is not functioning properly. Neurofeedback is powerful, effective, and scientifically proven to help stabilize and enhance brain functioning. NFB is like holding up a mirror to the brain so it can see its own dysfunction. It gives the brain a way to observe itself, displaying feedback in a way it can see, understand, and respond to instantaneously.

Because the brain has the ability to adapt and rewire (neuroplasticity), when we give the brain a way of seeing itself and where dysfunction is, it will correct itself quickly and efficiently. This is neuroplasticity in action. Our brain is constantly rewiring itself and adjusting to everyday life. This ability is what allowed us to evolve. Like someone who breaks their right arm and learns to be better at using their left or how people who lose their sight can develop extraordinary hearing. The brain will change and compensate for any lost ability.

Your brain uses feedback every second of your life. When you are learning to throw a ball, and initially miss the target, the brain sees the ‘miss’ as feedback knowing it wasn’t correct. The brain adjusts to aim a little to the side, to throw the ball harder or softer, to move your elbow down or up, etc. these adjustments will be made until you hit your mark by seeing how and why you missed, making a new adjustment, and correcting it through this trial and error process. Once you hit the mark, the brain rewards itself and will try to repeat what it just did to continue hitting the mark, strengthening neural-pathways or muscle memory.

Just as you learn to throw a ball, your brain can use the same neuroplasticity to learn to correct its dysfunction.

An athlete lifts weights to build muscle and improve their sports performance, and NFB will build back or make new neuronal connections to improve its performance.

How it works

We enable the brain to correct a wide array of symptoms/ negative effects, and to enhance overall peak performance to help boost your focus, memory, alertness, and more. We see clients with symptoms ranging from anxiety, autism, depression, PTSD, sleep difficulties, etc.

After the initial assessment, we will have you sit in a recliner chair in front of a tv screen. You will be simply watching a movie, playing one of our video games, or even watching Netflix.

During a 45-minute neurofeedback session, we place 4 sensors on the head that act as mini microphones picking up on the brainwaves (the energy the neurons make as they fire). We observe the brain in action in real-time. While you watch a movie our software will display feedback back to you in the form of the movie screen image dimming, shrinking, widening, etc. The changing screen is the feedback, displayed in a way the brain can understand. Our software is simply showing the brain information of what is happening inside your head. The brain will use the feedback to pinpoint where the dysfunction is, and go to work to correct itself.

Your brain’s default mode is to be as efficient and effective as possible. By showing the brain how it is working, we are enabling the brain to do its job. It will use the feedback to learn to rewire and rebuild neural pathways, in turn correcting any dysfunction or negative symptoms.

Neurofeedback is a powerful and effective tool. Neurofeedback is done twice a week over 20-30 sessions on average. Within weeks your life can be back in your control and you can be the best version of yourself.

How Can it Help Me?

Anyone from the ages of 1 week old to 90 years old can benefit from neurofeedback. Neurofeedback will enable your brain to correct difficulties. The beauty of neurofeedback is that we are not just targeting one issue but the whole brain at once. Neurofeedback offers a way to reduce your symptoms naturally.

Why our system

We use the Othmer System for our machines, which we believe is the most effective in the world. The founders, Sue and Siegfried Othmer, are leading scientists in our field with many published works.

Our system is unique because we don’t believe in brain mapping as other systems do. Brain mapping reads your brain waves and runs them through a database of other people’s brain waves. Their goal is to train your brain waves, while we train the central nervous system.

The Othmer System individualizes protocols. We each have different experiences throughout our lives that shape who we are. Our brain makes connections in different ways and will make compensations. If we live in a dangerous neighborhood, your cortisol might spike when we walk outside, allowing someone to be more aware and alert. For someone who is in a safe neighborhood they might not need this, and vice versa. We are all different, so we shouldn’t be treated with the same protocols.

Our technology is state of the art. Our system allows you to be able to watch movies, Netflix, play video games and even play VR (virtual reality), instead of watching the old version of neurofeedback, a pre-programmed animation playing on a loop like some systems still do today. It worked, but it was very boring. The Othmers are continuously updating and improving our equipment to ensure it is always cutting edge, advancing the field of neurofeedback.

Why Intellect

It’s important to have confidence in your technician and the system they use.

Our system offers support, connections, and information from all over the world, with continual training to keep our knowledge up to date.

We strive to be better every day and you can be assured that we take your wellbeing seriously.

I understand my clients because I’ve been there. I had neurofeedback done when I was young for Tourette’s Syndrome, OCD, and ADHD, and a second time years later when I received 2 traumatic brain injuries on the same day (totaling to my 5th and 6th concussion). Neurofeedback changed my life and instilled a passion for what I do now. I went through the process, I know what it’s like to be a client in the chair. I understand what it’s like to carry the frustration of your brain not functioning properly and feeling the lack of control because you can’t do anything to fix it. I understand you. This gives me better insight and the ability to empathize with you. It isn’t easy going through life not feeling your best, and I want to help. I love seeing the impact of neurofeedback on others and it only reinforces my passion for the field. Neurofeedback changed my life, and it can do the same for you. It’s time for you to take back control of your life, call today so that I can sit down with you and explain how I may help you be better.

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